Third Life Studios

The acoustic version of the Damon Grant Project will be playing at the Third Life Studios in Somerville, MA for a Live Vic Firth Sticks and Mallets taping. Damon will be playing percussion, Mat Fernandez on vocals and guitar, & Jeremy Goldsmith on guitar

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How I Shot My Pro Music Video Without A Record Label!

This post isn’t a “how-to” shoot a music video. I’m sure you can get all types of suggestions from Google on which direction to go if that’s what you are looking for. This post is how I shot MY music video, without a record label backing me and paying for it all out of my pockets (which are currently empty, except for the lint).

Since there are probably several things vying for your time, I will try to keep this as brief as possible, while still getting you the necessary info you need.

The song, the story

First, I had to choose the song on my album which was good enough to be considered a “single,” but more importantly to me, the song that had the best story that could be told with actions, images, and acting. I felt I chose a song that had a story that most people could relate to, as well as being “catchy.” Continue reading How I Shot My Pro Music Video Without A Record Label!

Factory Underground

Damon will be hosting a video release show. Acoustic set with Damon & Mat Fernandez. Video world premiere. Q&A session with the director and Damon and more!!!

The Damon Grant Project

The Damon Grant Project will be playing at the Once: Cuisine en Locale. Songs from the new album “Prevailing Melodies”. More info to come!

Organ Trio +1

Damon will be playing vibraphone with an organ trio at the 9th Note from 8-11pm.

Damon Grant-Vibraphone

Ryan Parrino-Guitar

Darby Wolf-B3 Hammond Organ

Gerald Myles-Drums