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Avoid The Hassle When Flying!

Do you fly a lot? Do you get frustrated or anxious when you have to go through TSA, and wait in long lines, and almost miss your flight, while possibly carrying musical instruments with you because the family of 6 doesn’t know how to consolidate their stuff in the bins, or know to take their laptop out, or shoes off? Well if the answer to any of that is YES, then this post is for you! Most people don’t even know you can skip the line (like an E-Z Pass at a toll booth), and not have to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and light jackets. 

For domestic flights in the USA you can sign up for TSA Pre-Check. It is $85 for 5 years and all of that wonderful stuff I mentioned about not removing anything and skipping the line is true. First step is go here and click on the red button that says “apply now”. Fill out all the legal information about yourself and then sign up for an appointment. Select the location closest to you as well as the date and time that is suitable. Bring whichever document you selected (passport, birth certificate, etc) with you and head to your appointment. I was in and out in about 6 min. They ask some questions, have you check your personal data, scan your documents, and fingerprint you. Then (after you pay them) you will get a notification via email if you have been approved or not. If you are approved you will receive your KTN (Known Travel Number) in said email and you can enter that when you book future tickets or add to pending flights you have coming up.


If you are flying internationally, then you want to look into Global Entry instead. That lets you pass by the processing lines, avoid the paperwork, expedite country entry, and reduce your wait time. The steps are similar, the cost is a bit more ($100), but you get more of your life back which is way more valuable than money. For Global Entry, go here, and complete the application process.

You’re welcome! Now go spend more time at your destination, rather than in the airport (like the plot of this film).