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How to Submit for the Grammys!

This post will help you, the independent artist, submit your music to the Grammy awards for consideration, possible nomination and hopefully a trophy! The deadlines and dates change slightly each year, so make sure you check back at the Grammy website for the correct info. Even though the awards are in February, a lot of the behind the scenes work starts in the summer (usually July). 

First things first, in order to be nominated you have to be a member of the Grammy Academy. You will need to sign up here: GRAMMYPro dot com and chose to be a voting, associate or student member to get your album/tracks submitted. They outline all the details for what are the eligibility requirements. You MUST be a member to submit.

Once you get approved as a member, you can log in (from your dashboard) to the OEP (Online Entry Process) and submit your work. But first, you need to make sure your music fits the submission guidelines. That would include the release dates, amount of tracks on the album, length of time on the album and more. That criteria can be found on the FAQs page (Frequently Asked Questions). Once you click the OEP link, it will walk you through step by step of which category, and other particulars like: record label, group members, record/release dates, distribution, etc. You can edit or adjust as long as you save your entry. When you are satisfied with your entry click on FINAL SUBMIT. Once you click this, details cannot be changed, so double and triple check everything.

After you submit, the next step is to wait. The Grammy committees review everything to make sure the submissions are correct (i.e. eligible, proper categories, etc), then a ballot goes out to all the voting members “for their consideration”. This does not mean the entries are actually nominated at this point. Members vote on what gets selected for the final ballot and then the votes are sent to Deliotte for auditing.

Once the votes are received a committee votes again to make up the final ballot. Then all the votes are tabulated and sent back to Deliotte and the final ballot is released. The nominees are contacted, and the voting members cast their votes. The results aren’t released until the awards in Feb. Hope that clarifies some of the mystery behind the Grammy award process for you. Happy submitting!