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New Record Update…

In my recent trip to Los Angeles, I went to my friend David Ryan Harris’ house. We talked and did some preliminary planning for this album release. He has a couple of other artists he is working with so we won’t be able to start my project until the summer. That gives me time to recruit and write for the album. David is still producing it (whew), and our plan is to have a “band” that features a different vocalist for each track. The lineup isn’t finalized yet, but I have gotten a few vocalists to agree to sing on it, with other guest instrumentalists pending. Here are a couple names to generate a bit of excitement.

badgeDavid Ryan Harris. A great friend since meeting February of 2006, who has graciously agreed to sing on a track, as well as being the captain of this ship. I trust him emphatically, and am excited about the musical magic we will create together.

Stephen Kellogg. I have fond memories of Stephen going from door to door in our beloved dorm at Umass Amherst in the mid 90’s as he serenaded the tenants with an acoustic guitar. I enjoyed the melodies performed, as well as his attempt to sell his songs on CD, AND cassette.

I don’t want to give away all my surprises right away, but I hope that keeps you satiated for a while during the creative process begins of writing, rewriting, making scratch demos, writing again, giving up, writing some more, considering a career change, editing the rewrites, and eventually recording.